Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas people! Sorry that I haven't posted anything new in a while. My Mom put me in K12 online school recently. From what I've done so far, I like it a lot. Got up at exactly 7:00 this morning ("Up" not awake. I admit that I had been up all night. I can never sleep on Christmas eve ;) I got my camera, and my Lotso-Huggin-Bear that I HAD TO HAVE. Also, I got a really cute set of pajamas, an eyelash curler, some makeup brushes (which I really needed because my old "Makeup brushes" were just paint brushes that I used for makeup. I still will. Because I like them ;),The Taylor Swift "Speak now" album (That I wanted soooooo bad. I was ecstatic when I opened it) and some other stuff that I can't remember. OH! And some super cute over the knee socks, which I love love love <3 I watched the Disney Christmas parade on TV, and I actually sat there and recorded Lee Dewyze's performance with my new camera. Like, I recorded the TV...IKR I'm a dork hahaha (Sorry about the quality of the vid. I couldn't find the TV version (I guess that's what you would call it) on youtube, and you couldn't really hear the one I took with my camera)

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