Friday, January 28, 2011

Tiara town

Audrey Hepburn replica tiara

I've been wanting to get myself a tiara for FOREVER (funny fact about me: I love sparkly things, especially tiaras!)! I was looking online and found Tiara town. They have absolutely gorgeous tiaras in nearly every style and color, as well as some replica tiaras (My favorites are the Audrey Hepburn, Princess diaries, and Shirley Temple tiaras). They are priced really reasonably. I could see myself ending up with several of these tiaras in the future (There are to many to just choose one!)! They also offer scepters, veils, headbands, and tiaras for dolls and pets. I just wanna buy everything!!! (By the way, since I have a HUGE obsession with Audrey Hepburn, Her replica tiaras are my favorites)

Princess diaries replica 

December birthstone tiara
Shirley Temple replica tiara
Dog tiara

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