Saturday, May 28, 2011

" Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day"

A couple of days ago, my older Cousin graduated from high school. 

It was the weirdest feeling! I guess I'm sentimental beyond my years, but It's who I am! I pay as almost as much attention to my past as I do my future. I wont lie, I miss being the little girl in the purple pajamas below. 

Watching my cousin graduate was like turning to a new chapter of a very interesting and marvelous biography. 
Looking back I regret not taking more pictures! (Typical sentimental person! Always worrying about pictures!)

My cousin (lets call her "J") is as close in relation to me as possible, without her being my sister. 
I look up to her, a lot! She is most certainly one of my greatest role models. She has accomplished, and overcame so many things to get to this point! I can only hope to be as fabulous as she is. I am proud to call her my Cousin! 

I remember precious bits and pieces of previous events in my life, many of them with J. Including the one in the above picture. 

Do you ever wonder how on earth you remember some things? Specifically things that happened a long time ago? Yet, you remember them perfectly, like a tiny photographer had taken snapshots that would be stored inside your mind for the rest of your life.

I live for moments like that.

J was the first person ever to make me cry for sentimental reasons. She doesn't know this. It wasn't when she graduated, but a different time. What she said wasn't directly to me, she actually said it to my Mom, who told me. But it made me feel incredibly special!

J came over yesterday, and she's coming over today. I can never wait! Some random keywords that will probably describe her visit today are: Cookies, Glozell, Treadmill, junk food, sleep (haha just kidding. J and I take the "Sleep" out of "Sleepover"), etc...

I realize that I have gone off on a rabbit trail. The point of this post was to congratulate J, and to draw attention to how fast time flies! Thank you for listening to my hopeless rambling!


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