Monday, October 3, 2011

Quick fix: What to do when you're all out of face cleanser

From about 4 days ago up until yesterday, I didn't have any of my favorite facial cleanser ( Aveeno clear complexion  ). I didn't know what I was going to do! Since I have acne, I can't just not wash my face. That would be a recipe for disaster! 

The day before I ran out of cleanser I watched this video by one of my favorite beauty gurus:

I tried this scrub that night and it seemed to work pretty well. 
So for the for days I couldn't properly wash my face, I used this every night. 
My acne didn't get any worse, and my skin was sooo soft!

I understand that exfoliating every night isn't good for your face, but I did it anyway.   You may be able to use something other than sugar with the lemon juice, Such as Green tea or honey so that you're not exfoliating when you use it.

This next trick I'm about to pull out of my hat I would have undoubtedly used instead of the lemon scrub had I any oats.

Though still exfoliating, this method is gentle enough to use daily. I've used it before and I LOVE it! It really works amazingly! I would recommend it to anyone! Since it gently exfoliates, it leaves the skin soft and glowy. This is perfect for those days when you're out of cleanser and can't go buy more.

In conclusion,  I love both methods. 
Although as I said before it's not really great for your skin to exfoliate daily, I didn't have any negative effects from using the lemon scrub for a few days so I would say that it's ok. Just don't use it for an extended amount of time

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