Friday, April 20, 2012

Pop pilates, works like magic!

To start off an ongoing series of fitness blog posts,  
I want to talk about my new favorite fitness guru, and share with you how amazing her workouts are!
Meet Cassey Ho! Pilates teacher extraordinaire !
Her motivating attitude and ever present smile make her nearly impossible to complete without crying workouts a lot more bearable. 
Never before have I experiences results so quickly!

Here are a few of my favorite Pop pilates workouts:

Intense ab workout

This is probably my favorite workout of all time!
It works wonders, you can see results by the next day! 
(Don't quote me on that, I saw results by then... As a matter of fact I saw them as soon as I had finished the workout, but every body is different so you may see different results in a different time period. Don't worry though, if you stick to it you WILL see results!)
I can't express how awesome this workout is!
At first it was insanely difficult, and I couldn't get through a single move without stopping, but after a few attempts I can now do it all the way through... Not to say that it isn't still challenging, because trust me, it is!

Perky butt 'n long lean legs!

I've only done this workout a hand full of times, but it's already one of my favorites! It's one of the most painful workouts I've ever done, but once you're finished (after you're past the point of dizziness, nausea and the inability to move... Haha, just kidding!... Or am I?) you get a great sense of accomplishment from knowing that you pushed through it!
This workout also gets a little easier after a couple tries, but not much.
 It's great to feel it working, and man can you feel it working!

For me, it's harder to pay attention to results on my lower body than my upper, but I'm definitely paying attention to how amazing this workout is, and the results I'll have once I continue to do it daily. 

Super butt workout

This workout is probably the easiest out of the three, but I still love it!
It's super fun how she does the moves along with the music. 

Bottom line, Pop pilates workouts are amazing! 
If you're looking to get in shape, or tone up, they're just what the doctor orders!
Which brings me to this... Does anyone really consult their doctor every time they try a new exercise program? It I did that, my phone bill would be insane. Just a thought.

Enjoy your workouts!



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