Thursday, June 7, 2012

Combo's are carnivorous!

  In the car today on our way home from the store, my little sister asked me for a combo... If you don't know what that is, it's basically a pretzel filled with cheese, or pizza sauce, or whatever else they decided you shove in the middle. 
How could I resist her adorable "Pwease Nanna, I have one?"? 
So I handed her one and, of course, she wouldn't eat it. Instead she started playing with it... Apparently the richest of comedy for a two year old is food. 
I didn't want to have to reach back and take it from her (because I'm that lazy...) so I joked that she better bite it before it bit her. 
It worked, and she ate about 10 of them before we pulled into our driveway. 
What cracked me up was that before long she started holding it up at my little brother and making the "cracker" roar. 
"Boo boo, watch out! It's gonna eat your toesies!" 

The above picture is her warning me to be ware of the man eating combos... Yum!

Such a little camera hog! 

Also, I want to add that those things up there ^ are the equivalent of my whole childhood put together and thrown into a bag with saw dust in it... Poppers! First time playing around with them in years!

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