Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review: Banana boat Summer color self tanning mist



(In the middle of a construction project in my room, which would explain the mess... More to come on this soon!)

Now that you've seen the before and after pictures (Crazy are they not?), here goes the review.

I bought this product myself. It was not sent to me. All opinions expressed in this post are honest, and my own. 

Packaging : ☆/☆ (4/5)

The packaging was average, nothing particularly impressive about it. It did it's job for the most part. 
Two things I don't like about it are:

1. It does not spray upside down, so it was very difficult to spray my back.

2.  Product occasionally drips into the ring around the top, which caused it to drip onto my hands and whatever area I  was working on.

Price: ☆/☆ (5/5)

This product costed me $6.00 at Target, which is considerably inexpensive for self tanner.

Ease of Application: /☆ (4/5)

This product is very easy to apply. Simply press down on the top and a continuous mist is released, which is easily controllable. The only difficult area to apply product to was of course my back, so if you plan on using it I would recommend you have some help with that part.

Drying time: /☆ (3/5)

It took a good half hour before I was confidant that the product had dried. 

Develop time:   /☆ (3/5)

Took two hours before color started to show up, approx. 4 before it had completely developed.

Even color: /☆ (4/5)

Once developed the color was pretty even for the most part. Not streaky at all, as promised.
Color was uneven on my shoulders, and there was a white circle around my mouth, but both were my own fault and both I was able to pretty much fix. Color doesn't look cakey around my knees or elbows.

Naturalness: Even color: /☆ (4/5)

Since I'm so pale, the color is definitely noticeable, but it isn't really orange... Well maybe a tiny bit, but I'm okay with it in exchange for not looking sickly white. 
Just judge for yourself in the before and after pictures, which are very accurate examples of my current color... Not to mention my previous color. Color in the photos was with one coat on my upper body and two on my legs.

Smell: /☆ (4/5)

This product claims to smell like citrus... And it does! Until the color develops..
The reason I gave the smell 4 stars is because, crazy as it sounds, I actually love the smell of self tanner to a certain extent. Though it does give off some of the signature "fake bake" scent, it's not nearly as strong as other products I've tried. 


Easy to apply

buildable color

natural color

Compatible with all skin tones

Not streaky

Even color


Only lasts about a week.

Slightly faulty packaging

Not a ton of product in the container

Over-all rating: /☆ (4/5)

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