Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy birthday to me!

Hi peoples! So, today was my birthday, and it was awesome :)
My friend was gonna come spend the night at my house, but unfortunately, I got sick.
She still has to come over sometime (hopefully soon!). I went to the mall last night and spent all my birthday money. First I went to bath and body and got this thingy called a wallflower. It's like an air freshener thingy that you plug in to the wall. I got a pink snowflake one, cause it was the prettiest :) From there I also got three scent bulb things for the wallflower (in Winter, twisted peppermint, and lavender vanilla.), and a Little mini aroma therapy sleep body lotion. Then I went to Icing and bought some really cute earrings, (which I really needed because I only really had two pairs of earrings), a breast cancer awareness bracelet, and a "professional" makeup pallet. The last place we went was Marshalls. I got some Boots that look like Uggs (Finally! I've been waiting forever to get some of these!). While we were in the mall, I had to switch shoes with my mom because hers were hurting her feet. Those shoes are crazy! First, I couldn't get them on, then they were to big, then when I needed to take them off to try on some shoes, they wouldn't come off, then after I finally got them off and tried on the shoes (which I didn't even end up getting), the right shoe would not go on! My mom thought she was gonna have to buy me a new pair of shoes just because the other shoe refused to go on. Eventually, I got my foot to go in. several people had stopped and stared at my mom and I, because we looked like we were crazy. She was trying to help my get the shoe on, and I would burst out laughing (Because, lets face it. It's a funny situation to be in!). Finally, we got out of that store! We got our pictures taken in one of those little booth thingys. I couldn't keep a straight face, because the camera made it look like I had a million little dots on my face, and it was funny :)
This morning when I woke up, my baby brother came up to me and gave me a hug and said "Happy birdday Nanna!". He's so cute! Then we picked up my birthday cake. It was sooooo pretty! It was perfect! It was pink, with Flowers it, a green bow on the front of it, and it had a girl with a towel on her head and cucumbers on her eyes. It was almost to pretty to eat! It tasted good to! Oh yea, I'm getting a little bit ahead of myself here. After we got my cake, I used my new makeup pallet I got from the mall and did my sisters makeup. It ended up really cute. But even I had a hard time believing that it was my sister! She looked completely different! Then eventually I did mine. It looked good to. I should take some pictures to put on here and do a tutorial. My mom and my baby brother came in my room while I was doing my sisters' makeup and surprised me with a bouquet of flowers. They are really pretty :) For dinner my mom made orange chicken (I heart Chinese food!) for me, and pizza for everyone else. She even got me a box of fortune cookies! I have only eaten one of them, but they are really good! I believe mine said something like, "good luck is coming your' way.". Hmmm, I wonder if that's true... Hahaha. I hope so! After dinner, I ate my yummy cake, and some chocolate ice cream. The piece of cake I cut for myself was huge! But I wanted to try to get the Lady's whole face on my slice. After all that, I watched this movie called, I think, A walk in my shoes. It was pretty good. Now, I am going to post this on my other blog ( ), and go to bed!

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