Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm bored...What's your name?

Just a random post. As the title suggests, I am bored!
My bff is coming over tomorrow and I'm not sure what we should do. Check out my tumblr :) Watching "The secret garden". I love that movie lol. Listening to Taylor Swift...
I've just realized I've had this picture open in a tab for at least four days:

I am going to try to grow my hair out as long as Danielle Chuchran's  (left) in "you're so cupid" (One of my favorite movies!).

My room needs to look like this right now!
Can't wait until it actually feels like spring outside! I hate the cold weather :(

I love all my tumblr followers! They say the sweetest things :)

Need to wash my face and brush my teeth, my house is creepy at night and I hate going out of my room.

I was thinking I might try to try out a recipe every week and share my opinion and pictures of it. Not sure..

I watched "Mobbed" tonight and let me tell you, It was just about ADORABLE! Now I'll have to watch every episode.

I've been reading tons of reviews and I really want one of these (In nothing other than pink!)

Gonna stop writing this now.  Nite!

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