Thursday, April 14, 2011


Got back from Illinois today. Seeing all the artifacts from the Titanic was a highlight of my life! In case you haven't already noticed, I am sort of a Titanic know it all. So seeing all that was surreal! Being sooo close to all those things that were actually on the ship (and some even a part of it!) was amazing!  The sad thing is that you couldn't take any pictures. But just seeing it was enough to keep me happy!

I will post some pictures of my trip tomorrow maybe.

Today is the 90's anniversary of the Titanic tragedy.  1,517 died out of the 2,223 passengers . R.I.P.

Fave music video: (And second favorite song in the whole wide world ;)

I'm really super board... Resorting to posting pictures because my brain is not working right now haha.

I want this phone!

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