Saturday, May 21, 2011

Review: "Vintage hairstyling" AND "Retro makeup" by Lauren Rennells

When I was sent this to review, I was ecstatic! Truthfully, I had wanted this book for forever! I am a huge fan of Vintage hair and makeup techniques, so I could not wait to try out some of these hairstyles! Unfortunately, I don't  currently own everything required to do any of these hairstyles. But I plan on getting what I need as soon as I have the money!

The books came neatly packaged inside a cardboard box with Protective... Package...Padding? Excuse this, but I really have no idea what it's called. 
Anyway, when I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised to find that, as well as "Vintage hairstyling" which I was expecting, I was also sent a copy of "Retro makeup". 

I spent about three hours looking through both books (Wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything!). 

The instructions given seem very easy to follow, and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the illustrations. 

Every single hairstyle and makeup look in these books were absolutely stunning!

In the "Retro makeup" book,I found the brief history of each period and the kind of makeup they wore, very interesting to read. 

Also, in this book, it talks about different beauty trends from back when. Some of which were quite wacky, but very interesting!

I had taken some pictures to include in this review, but for some unknown reason blogger won't let me put them on here. Sorry about that folks. 

I also want to include that I think the models were very beautiful, and well chosen for this book! And that it takes a lot of talent to come up with all these hairstyles! 

I highly recommended these books to people who would like to learn how to do vintage hairstyles and makeup. And also, to anyone who want's to learn about the history of makeup, and the ways people used to wear it. 

You can buy both these books here.


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