Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shelly McDonald Yoga dvd review: Stretch into yoga, and yoga for the core.

About last year, I for some reason got really interested in trying yoga, so I hiked it down to the library and checked out a couple of Michelle LeMay yoga DVDs. After doing them a while, I decided I wasn't impressed. The instruction she gave wasn't very helpful, and I ended up having no idea if I was doing the poses right or wrong!

That Christmas, I got some new workout DVDs, this time, Shelly McDonald. I got two DVDs, "Stretch into yoga", and "Yoga for the core". Each DVD has three workouts (Although beginners yoga may only have two, I misplaced it recently and I wasn't able to look.), which focus on different key fitness points. For the Yoga for the core, the key fitness point are. Increase strength and flexibility, Improve your energy level, and Increase stamina.

I find these workouts to be just perfect for me. They're challenging enough, but not so much that they're near impossible to do. Shelly McDonald has a very relaxing way of guiding you through pose after pose. 

I also enjoy the settings, they are real places as apposed to a magic carpet floating in the middle of  a blank space. 

These  DVDs run for about $25 dollars each (New). 

I would highly recommend these products to anybody looking to give yoga a try! 

P.S. Yoga works miracles for those suffering from back pain! 

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