Friday, November 25, 2011

Dear acne.. So long.

You've overstayed your stay, like a bad house guest who refuses to leave, and I'm not going to stand for it anymore. I'm kicking you out forever.

Love Anna.

I did some thinking while I was washing my face tonight, and I came up with the above Idea that my acne (Or most issues that a lot of people face...Pun not intended) is like a bad house guest.
You know the kind, the kind that was only supposed to stay for a week, and ends up not leaving.
So you start leaving subtle hints that they need to go, but really you're still harboring their needs. You wouldn't just not feed them, or not allow them to bathe as long as they stay.
For me, Even though I washed my face and exfoliated, I wasn't all that determined to get rid of my acne. Yes, I wanted so bad for it to go away it's not funny, but I wasn't pushing to get rid of it as hard as I could have been.
To get rid of these "house guests", you can't just keep giving them hints. You have to go and pack their bags for them when they aren't looking. You have to scream it in their face that they're not wanted anymore (though I wouldn't really recommend yelling at an actual house guest unless you're prepared to face the consequences). You have to grab them by the wrist and say "look here buddy, you've been here for way to long. You're making my life miserable, and you are going to leave.", then drag them out if you have to. Anything it takes as long as you can have your house to yourself again.
From now on, I'm not going to be the girl who drops hints and hopes that my "guest" will pick up on them and go away my themselves. I'm going to be the one who throws their bags out the second story window and says "Beat it. And don't expect to come back."

This applies to not only my acne situation. But all kinds of other situations.
The next time you have a problem, or maybe you're in deep poo at this very moment, think about this scenario.
Do something!

Disclaimer:  If your problem literally is an unwelcome house guest, I really don't recommend bodily harm as the solution. Just saying ;)

Thank you for reading this!



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