Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dividing and conquering your goals

I know the feeling,
you made a huge list of goals to accomplish this year, and now you're left with a weight on your shoulders that seems unbearable. 

What do you do about this? Simple. Divide and conquer!

Instead of staring at your list of goals for what seems like hours trying to decide where to start, pick several to accomplish this next week/month. 
For instance, from my list of over 100 goals, I chose twenty things to accomplish next week.

Once you've chosen your goals for next week or month, plan.

Get a notebook specifically for your goals. 

In your notebook write down the week, goals for the week then plan how you're going to accomplish them. 

Goals for next week:

Have a photo shoot with best friend:
day: tuesday. Time: 12:00. Location: Back yard. Need: pick out clothes and shoes, find ideas for makeup in Vogue. Get props.

Give Mom mani pedi. 

Learn to read music. 

Depending on how many goals total, you'll probably want to add more than 3 to the list, but you get the idea. 

No matter what, stick to your list! Do this, and reaching all your New years goals is more than possible!

I hope this helps you out!


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