Thursday, January 5, 2012

The value of a friend like you

I dedicate this post to my Best friends in the whole world, Miss Gracey and Miss L. I love you guys!

Some of the most valuable things in the world, are memories. Especially memories shared with your friends. 

Three years ago, I thought that I lost the best friend I'd ever had. I'd known her since birth, and I could talk about anything. I'm not talking about "losing" as in death. I'm talking about "losing" as in, when your puppy runs away and never comes back. 

The lovely lady I'm talking about is my best friend Gracey

Our families were connected through various friendships which I don't know in enough detail to explain. 
We grew up in the same church, seeing each other every single week. 

3 years ago, we left that church. We left because there weren't "enough" kids there.

A little while after we left, we started going to a big church with a huge youth group. I made several friends, and a couple really good ones (Ahem, C and C, that would be you ;). 
I never made another friend like Gracey though. And In my heart, I wanted everything to be like it used to again. 

As the years passed, I became very socially awkward.  I was actually so afraid of being judged that I was afraid to talk to other teens. It was truly ridiculous. When I look back today, I remind myself of a turtle all curled up inside it's shell. 

Going to that church turned out to be a blessing in disguise for a couple of people though. If we hadn't started going there, they might not be in church at all right now. 

Last year, after a lot of thinking, my family decided that we didn't feel that we were meant to stay at that church. So we left. We visited a few churches, but no place seemed right for us. 

Finally, we decided to to try our old church again. 

That was one of the best decisions my parents have ever made for me. 

It felt like we were home again! 

The best part, I got my best friend back.

I was always jealous of girls who had friends who would text them in the middle of the night. I don't know why, I just was. And wouldn't you know what I was doing at midnight last night? Texting Gracey. Making plans for this year. It's about the best feeling, knowing that you have someone who really cares for you, and will always be there for you, and accepts your weirdness, and listens to you no matter what.

I can't really express how much she means to me.

And I know she's going to read this, so I love you girl! 

Another girly, who happened to had planted the whole Idea for this post in my brain is my other best friend "L". I've been friends with L since I was really little. Maybe 6 or  7? The thing is' I've never actually met her in person. 
For years we wrote each other back and forth, but since we both got facebook we talk to each other pretty much every day. L is one of the most non-judgmental people ever. She just sits there and lets me rant about whatever's on my mind, no matter how stupid it sounds, or how little she knows about what I'm talking about.
Which brings me to another thing I was doing last night. 
If you're familiar with Kdramas, chances are you're heard of Boys over flowers. If you haven't watched it or heard of it, let me tell you, it is one of the most emotionally frustrating shows I've ever watched! I find myself laughing, crying, yelling at characters... You know, all the stuff that crazy delusional fangirls do sometimes... I wont go there haha. 

Anyway, I was watching a very frustrating episode of BOF last night, and the whole time I was watching it I was talking to her (as well as spamming my Tumblr with rants..). She pretty much had absolutely no idea what I was talking about, but she listened anyway. 

Having friends like this is important to me! And if L happens to be reading this, I love you too! 

I hope every single person that reads this has a friend, or finds a friend like these girls!

Have a lovely day!


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