Sunday, January 15, 2012

Goal accomplished!

Goal: Learn how to knit.

My Mamaw has attempted to teach me how to knit before, but it didn't really get anywhere except me forgetting how to cast on...
I had some knitting needles from when she was trying to teach me, and I have plenty of yarn since I used to crochet a lot (need to get back into that habit by the way... It's a good way to make some money!), so I decided to stop stalling and start youtubing.

After two videos, and about 8 minutes, I had successfully taught myself how to knit!

One goal down... a bazillion to go.

P.S. Since I was such a good teacher to moi, I'm awarding myself bragging rights.
That's right, I can knit! Yea, I taught myself... No biggie ;)

Next item on the agenda: Learn to read music. This should be interesting!

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