Sunday, February 19, 2012

Long time no see!

I haven't posted on my blog in forever it feels like. 
I can't say that I've been especially busy, I've just been too lazy.

What I've been up too:

A couple of days ago my Mom and I went and had a girls night out. 
We stayed in a hotel which was very close to the mall, so we went shopping twice. 
After I'm done with this post I'm going to clean my room so I can film a haul.

After we checked into our hotel, my Mom surprised me with a pair of absolutely gorgeous Betsey Johnson pumps. 
If you know me well enough, you'll know that I am absolutely obsessed with Betsey Johnson!  She's my favorite designer of all time! Plus her personality is absolutely fabulous!

Next we went to the mall. We went to the salon in Dillards and I had my hair trimmed (that was long awaited! I hadn't had my hair cut in over a year!) and my eyebrows waxed for the first time (I'm going to post about my experience later.). 
Then we went to Panera bread and ate dinner while we talked to my cousins lovely girlfriend "J" (who works there). 
I had the Thai chicken salad I think, and I wasn't that impressed. It wasn't bad, it was just really spicy. I'm not used to my salads being spicy! 

After dinner we went to Meijer and got some junk food... well, a lot of junk food hehe. 
Then we went back to the hotel and waited for J to get there (same one we ate dinner with... actually, talked to while we ate and she didn't.). 

We stayed up till about 2:00, then we went to bed ( J didn't stay the whole night... I mean, she stayed all night but she left after midnight haha). 

We got up really early so we could eat breakfast at the hotel and get ready, then we went shopping again. 

I'm not gonna get into all the stores we went to, but if you're interested in knowing I'll post the haul on here once I get it filmed and edited. 

Then we ate lunch and went to Sam's to get a couple things, and went home. 

I had an amazing time! I can't remember being as content as when 1. I was waiting for my mom while she was having her eyebrows waxed, in the salon chair reading a magazine, and 2. When I was sitting alone at our table at Panera waiting for my Mom to bring our food. 

After we got home Gracey spent the night, and we watched "Wait until dark" with Audrey Hepburn in it, if you like creepy movies this is for you! Really though, it's not all that bad. There is only one part where Gracey and I jumped... So did someone else, but I'm not gonna spoil it! ;)

Have a lovely day!


Anna  <3

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