Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hello Kitty heaven! Interesting things at Toys R Us

Giant Hello Kitty plush... Who's eyes I apparently wanted to claw out.
These were all taken from my phone, when we took my baby brother to Toys R us to look for a Birthday present last month.
Long story short, I came out of there with a longer wishlist than he did.

There Hello Kitty isle was amazing! I wanted to stay there the whole time. Did I mention I hadn't been to this store for like... 1-2 years (at least!)?
Jackie Evancho Barbie doll. Oh yea, it sings.

I haven't gotten e new DS game in forever! I'm thinking this might be my next.
Fabulous shoe Barbie doll. Me want!

It's cute, it dances, it's squishy... What else could you want in a toy?

Lot's of squishy dancing toys at Toys R us.

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