Saturday, March 10, 2012

Just eatin' ballerinas...

Hi everybody!

As you can see, I've made lots of changes here... Including the name! Now I'm formerly agirlygirlsplace.

The reason for these changes is I wanted to create a whimsical, positive environment for my readers (and myself!). I was already getting tired of the bunny header and poorly made background (Not hating here! I made it myself!), and wanted a change. 

I hope you like the new design, and that it works well on your browser. It doesn't work so well on my Mom's computer. 

Last year I decided that 2012 would be a year of renewal, and self growth. 
So From now on I'll be posting  progress on this revolutionary year ;)

What I've been up to:

Check these out! Even as someone who doesn't like snack cakes, I am absolutely in love with these! 
Not only do they taste amazing, but the package and name is absolutely irresistible to a wannabe ballerina like myself.  

A couple of months ago my best friend Gracey and I signed up to dance in a talent show (To the song "I am the best" by 2NE1), but unfortunately something came up and she won't be able to participate. 
So, there I was, 15 days until the show and I had to either give up or come up with a whole new routine. Something about me, I am NOT a quitter! If I want to do something, I'll fight for it.
So Last night I decided to do a lyrical dance to an absolutely gorgeous song by one of my very favorite artists, Mindy Gledhill. 
The choreo is going fairly well, even with my limited knowledge of dance steps. I'll no doubt be done by the day of the show!
Here's the song!

Guess who has a crush on an assassin!
Lets all take a moment to celebrate the fact that by bestest friend has given in to becoming a Kpop fangirl... Well, a Top fangirl anyway.

I'll just say that she's not the only one who calls ^ that guy her bias.
I was at her house last night and we decided to watch Iris, with the idea that it was specifically about Top's character. The reason for this is because we only decided to watch it upon seeing a fan made trailer, which was apparently made by a fan of Top. Long story short, it's definitely not all about him.

Anyway, since the actual drama was to confusing for us to try to figure out and we were only watching it for Top, we kind of skipped through most parts of the episodes we watched to find the scenes he was in. 
Our conversation at this point went like this:

Gracey: "He's not in this episode... that;s dumb... Let's skip it!"
Me: -after i skip to the next Ep- This is confusing... What did that guy just do? I thought he was a good guy?...."
Gracey: "I don't know, we skipped the explanatory part remember?"
Me: "Oh yeah... HEY!"
Both: "OMGSH, look! it's Top!"
Gracey: "He's so gorgeoussss!"
Me: "Yeah... He looks like a bunny.. (Inside joke)"
Both: "Hahahahahahah!"
Gracey:  "that person just made a really stupid face!" 
Me: "I think he did that on purpose."
Gracey: "Duhhhh, he's acting!"
Me: "Um.... Are these people working for the government and trying to kill important people? I don't get it.."
Both: "Oh well!" O.O "go bunny go!"

As you can see,  Gracey and I are weird. Very weird. No comment... Well, you can if you like.

My sister is gone until Wednesday so I'm definitely gonna enjoy having my room to myself!
Speaking of which, I'm going to have to write a whole separate post after this on something exciting that will be going on in the near future! (Hopefully "near" anyway.)

As Santa once said, "See ya in about 8 minutes."


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