Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crayon art tutorial

I've seen several of these on Pinterest ( Oh how I love Pinterest!), and have wanted to attempt to make my own for several weeks. 
It's perfect for adding a bit of color and whimsy to any space!

I got the supplies needed from Walmart yesterday and today I got to work!

You'll need:

Canvas (whatever size you prefer)

(Use your judgment to determine how many boxes you will need. I recommend buying a box more than you think you may need, just in case.My canvas was about fourteen inches wide and i ended up using two and a half boxes.)

A loaded hot glue gun.

A heat gun 
(a hair dryer might work, but a heat gun is much more efficient.)

Step one:
 gather all your supplies and put them on your work space where they're easily accessible. 
*If you wish to remove the wrappers from your crayons do so now. This step is not necessary however and those who wish to (Me!) can skip it.

Step two: 
Arrange your crayons on your canvas however you see fit. 

Step three:
Using your hot glue gun, glue each crayon in place (I recommend doing this one crayon at a time for the best results.).

* Instead of gluing straight across, try gluing the crayons in a fun zigzag pattern!

Step four:
Using your heat gun, aim it at the tips of your crayons. 
I recommend keeping the gun moving from one side to the other, this way the crayons melt evenly and you will have better end results.
Once melted, the wax should harden almost instantly! No drying time on this project!

And you're done! 
Now you have a fun new piece of artwork that will brighten up any space!

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and come back soon for more! 

Have fun!

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