Saturday, July 21, 2012

Today's nail look!

Yup, I changed my nails again. In case you didn't already assume this about me, I paint my nails about three times more than necessary.

The reason for the change this time is I bought a new nail polish... And it's my new favorite! (Don't take this the wrong way... A polish being my "new favorite" doesn't mean that my other favorites get... Um... Un-Favorited. Just means that It's added to my "Favorites" collection... I know, I didn't actually have to explain that... I felt like being informative though so there you go! Ha ha ha!)

Anyways... My new love is... "Electric charge" by L.A colors! Oh yeah, it only costed one dollar! "What???"... Yep, it's only a buck AND it's great quality. I usually wouldn't buy a nail polish for so cheap (in fact, I almost skipped out on buying this one!) on account of being afraid that the quality would stink, but this one is A-OK!

It's a lot pinker than it looks in the photo, but I couldn't get it to show accurately on camera... And I was to lazy to fix it with editing. 

This is what it actually looks like: 

I can't even express how impressed I am with this color! Ahhhh, I just love it to pieces... And then some! <3

Now for the manicure... So super simple.

1. Paint all 10 nails with "Electric charge" or a similar color. 

2. Paint the tops of the ring fingers at an outward diagonal angle with "Pirouette my whistle" by OPI (My favorite sparkle polish!) .

I know, explaining that wasn't really necessary either... But like I said, I'm feeling informative!


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