Sunday, July 29, 2012

Current nail look + OOTD

Alrighty, first for my new nail look!...

While on a mini shopping spree at Target I bought Sally Hanson's crackle top coat.
To tell you the truth, I was never really into the whole "crackle" thing before, but after trying it for myself, I love it! It's so fun and cute!

What's on my nails:

L.A Colors nail lacquer in "Electric charge"

Sally Hanson Crackle overcoat in "Vintage violet"

Now for my outfit!

Today I wore my favorite Aero jeans (which I got on clearance! I forget how much they costed though...) with my new favorite T-shirt from Target (Also on clearance for $4!).

I could seriously go on and on about this shirt! It's so soft, and polka-dotty, and flowy and aghhhhh I just adore it!

On the front is a picture of a city, and over that it says "Live in the moment"... Just thought I'd save you some time since the writing in the below picture is backwards haha!

Oh yeah, and did I mention the sleeves? Oh my gosh... I LOVE the sleeves! So cuffy and cute!... I am completely aware that "Cuffy" is not a word . ;)

Ahhh yes, and the earrings... Another buy that I am absolutely head over heels with!
These baby's are at least 6 inches long, making them the most uncomfortable earrings ever on account of them being made of tiny chains, therefore weighing about 30 times my usual earring... Still, wouldn't change a thing! I couldn't find a picture of them online sadly, but to make up for what you can't see.... They're PINK! Well, they're silver too but pink is much more exciting to me. 

Untitled #374

For church tonight (I wore a totally different outfit this morning which I'm not even going to bother trying to re-create cause it was made up of clothing articles which I have had for like, ever!) I wore my beloved Polka-dotty shirt with a peach maxi that I got at Target on clearance for $7, and BLUE heels that I also got at Target for $7! I LOVE those shoes! The picture doesn't do them justice! They're just... Fabulous! <3

Well folks, that's it for my outfits of the day (well now it's technically my outfit of yesterday!).

Sweet dreams (Or good morning, or good... Whatever applies to where you are!)!


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