Wednesday, August 8, 2012

50 Things that make me smile (in no particular order) (:

1. Bubbles!
2. Weddings... a good place to get bubbles!
3. Korean music... Especially Psy, because Psy is... Is... Fantastic baby!
4. Yoga... And according to the way I my fingers just decided to type, Togas also apparently make me smile.
5. Shoes. They can change your life you know!
6. The color Pink, because it is the best color.
7. Dancing in public... And dancing period. 
8. Rain (especially when the sun is shining through the clouds, and the rain is falling so hard you can't see a foot in front of your face.)
9. Sparkly things. 
10. Shiny, happy people. 
11. Old movies and music.
12. Having alien conversations that nobody else is wired to understand with my best friend!
13. The fact that Jesus loves me so much that he blessed me with the best life I could ever have...
14. Elderly couples.
15. True love.
16. Sunny days.
17. Strangers who smile at you out of the kindness in their hearts.
18. Baby's giggles... One of the purest, sweetest sounds ever to touch human ears.
19. Creativity, in nearly all forms.
20. Fire trucks. They amaze me!
21. Vintage shops that smell like history...
22. Romantic people such as myself... I've never met a more ridiculously romantic person in my life!
23. Tiny dogs with pink collars. The best kind of dog for me.
24. Old Disney shows and movies.
25. Bubbly people. 
26. Cheesy things. The cheesier the better!
27. Snow.
28. The Trans Siberian Orchestra. Once I saw them perform live, I can't listen to their music without remembering how amazing they are, which makes my smile from the inside out!
29. People who chase their dreams.
30. Knowing that anything is possible... In the words of U-kiss "The past is the past, is the past is the past."!
31. People who have beautiful singing voices.
32. Thinking of my soulmate. This makes me smile always, no matter what.
33. Rainbows.
34. Butterflies.
35. Polite people.
36. Flowers. 
37. Artists of all sorts. 
38. A warm bed... Even in the summertime.
39. Photography.
40. Funny people, and things.
41. Watching fish swim,
42. Watching birds fly. 
43. Old stuffed animals that have always been there for you.
44. People who can cook well. 
45. Possibilities.
46. Spontaneity.
47. Fireworks.
48. Dolphins.
49. Books that take you to far away worlds, and don't let you return until you've finished.
50. The blank canvas that is the future.  

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