Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Symphony" (My first attempt at poetry!)

The sound of a symphony flows past my eardrums, bringing with it an abundance of beautiful, profound feelings which scatter themselves throughout my being as it makes it's way to my curious soul.

I can feel the sharpness of the violin, it's ever quickening pace makes me heart beat fast.

I am lulled by the smoothness of the cello, every worry and care starts to fade.

I am inspired by the upbeat melody which explodes from within the piano, like a warm summer day.

As my soul is filled with music, so is my heart with inconceivable joy.

At the climax of the song, the sun shines a little bit brighter through the curtains, sending glorious beams of light reflecting onto the white walls of my bedroom...
Almost as if they were a type of heavenly paint.

The last notes play, I close my eyes and embrace these feelings...

Feelings of love.
Feelings of happiness, joy, and even sorrow. 
Nearly ever feeling imaginable.

The song has ended, but the symphony still lingers...

Waiting for me to conduct a masterpiece even more spectacular than the one I have just experienced. 

Well, that's my poem... I hope it wasn't to icky, and that you might actually have enjoyed it!

Until next time!