Saturday, July 21, 2012

Paper pinwheel makeover!

The past two and a half days have consisted of me sitting on my floor (like a loner) spending hours on end cutting and taping paper pinwheels... "Why?" you may ask... I didn't know at the time to be honest. I just felt like making paper pinwheels!

But then I hatched an Idea... I could decorate my room with them!

About five hours, sixty sheets of craft paper, almost an entire roll of tape, three sticks of poster putty and over a hundred and thirty pinwheels later... This is what we have... 

It looks so much more impressive in person! I finished late last night and when I woke up this morning It was waking up in wonderland! Instant happiness! 

And why yes... That is in fact an alpaca chillin' in the first picture. He is very fuzzy. He does not have a name. Nor does have have any friends... Poor Alpaca.

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  1. Cute! Love the Alpaca too. . . :) "It's so fluffy i'm gonna die!"