Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Golden opportunity

So for a while now I've been thinking "wow... It would be really cool to be a mentor...".
I know I have younger siblings, and I "mentor" them, but I mean how cool would it be to develop a relationship with someone who you don't really know, and become a role model to them?

There is a very nice lady I talk to sometimes who's daughter "A" goes to my dance studio.
The family is Christian, and "A" is home schooled!

So I messaged the lady on Facebook and asked her if she and "A" would be interested in starting a mentorship.

She said yes!

Now I'm excited.. Like, REALLY excited!

I feel like having somebody who I need to be a role model to will give me an extra push to do my very best in everything I do!.... Really I'm just beside myself right now!

I can't wait to teach her some of the skills I've learned over time, and give her advice, and etc...

Also, I finally got my purity ring!... My ring finger feels special now(:

That's pretty much it for now... Yep!

I love youuuu!



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