Sunday, January 27, 2013

I've finally figured it out!... What I dislike the most about being a girl...

Here's the deal... I have these conversation cards.. They're pretty much exactly what they sound like. You pick a card, then everyone answers whatever question is on that card, thus starting a conversation.. 

Being a shy person by nature, I have used these cards plenty of times.. So many times that I pretty much have set answers for every question... Except one. 

This question:
"What is the worst thing about being a girl?"

Now, I know what you're thinking... "Ummmmm, is the answer to that question not obvious?...Hello! Does "Shark week" ring a bell???"
I could say that I think that's the worst thing about being a girl I guess.. But it would be a lie.
My problem is that I don't know what IS the worst thing about being a girl!.. I mean, I kind of love being a girl... Like, a lot!

Well, today I figured it out... 

The worst thing about being born a female... 

What is it?

Read and see!
 I don't know how this works from a guy's perspective, or even another girls perspective, but to me when I see a guy they usually fit into one of two categories.. Good looking, or not so good looking..
Of course, there are exceptions.. There are those guys who you just want to secretly photograph and hang pictures of them all over your walls... Not that I would ever actually do that.

On the other hand, as a girl I feel like there are soooo many sub categories for us it's impossible to keep them separate in our minds... 
I know, "Don't label people, it's rude!"... But admit it, you do it too. 
It's a subconscious thing. 
You're feeling pretty good about yourself, then you log onto facebook and see a new picture of that girl who you feel like is twice as attractive than you... Then that girl probably goes and does the same exact thing. 
We feel like no matter how good we can make ourselves look, we'll still just be average.

As my cousin kindly pointed out, it has a lot to do with the media.
Think about it, the "ideal" man has pretty much stayed the same over time... Blonde hair, blue eyes, blah, blah, blah... 

For girls though, the media's idea of "perfection" varies so much it's not funny... 
They tell you "everyone's beautiful!", then advertise a gorgeous example of every stereotype a person could possible fit into...

For instance.. 
 Look at Kim Kardashian with her dark hair, brown eyes, strong nose, etc... 
People idolize her for her beauty, saying that she's perfect.. 

Yet they say the same about Emma Watson..
With her light hair and button nose, she's completely opposite to Kim Kardashian.. Yet they're BOTH perfect visions of beauty?... Wait a minute.. So you're saying that to be beautiful we have to look like Kim Kardashian AND Emma Watson???.... Alrighty then...

Ladies and gentlemen, I think that due to the number of "perfect" celebrities who are supposedly the ideal example of physical beauty who we are constantly exposed to, us girls don't know which category of "beautiful" we fit in.

We might feel beautiful in one category, then go on to look at someone in a completely different category and think "Wow!.. They are so much more beautiful than me..."

What we don't get though is that there are very few people who actually look like Kim Kardashian, or Emma Watson... Furthermore, beauty on the outside only gets you so far... The most beautiful features you could have are a sparkling personality, a loving heart, etc... These things will get you so much farther than perfect hair or a flawless fake tan... 

I admit that many times I feel a lot less than physically beautiful.. But I take pride in knowing that I have a kind heart, filled with love to share with anyone who is willing to take it!

I may wonder how any man could ever find me remotely attractive on the outside, but I know for a fact that I'll find one who thinks I'm absolutely gorgeous, both on the inside AND out!

Don't let the media's ideas of "perfection" make you feel like a potato... Because you're not!... You're an absolute peach!

So yeah.. That's what I dislike most about being a girl.. The fact that we're all made to feel average and potato-like by the media... 

It's really late, and I don't know how good of a post this was, but at least it's better than nothing!


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  1. "Don't let the media's ideas of "perfection" make you feel like a potato... Because you're not!... You're an absolute peach!"

    Love it!