Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Alright everyone!
I originally planned on updating you on the progress of my "new" skincare regimen every week or so, but as you can see it didn't quite work out that way.

For the past, erm... three months? I've been following a strict skincare routine and diet as prescribed by my dermatologist. 
To see the original routine click here
I say "Original" because there were a couple of changes made since I made that post... 
Here's what went down!

The topical thing he had me using was working well enough, it actually cleared up all of the acne on my back.. But when I went back to the Derm he had me stop using it. Apparently it makes people break out in a rash... Glad I stopped using it before that happened!

He didn't put me on another topical treatment this time. Instead he had me use the soap I was already using, as well as another soap which I was supposed to use at night time.. That was exactly the same thing as the other soap except in a different form! 

This approach didn't end up working... So the next time I went in he prescribed me something called Acanya. We had to wait until the pharmacy found out whether our insurance covered it or not, so the doctor sent me home with several adorable sample sized products.. 
This medication ladies and gentlemen, is what finally cleared up my skin!  
After the first night I used it I woke up and my skin looked much better! 
And It just kept getting better!
Insurance doesn't cover it.. Uh oh! Now what? 
Well, I thought my life was over... Sound dramatic? Well, if you've ever had acne you'll know that once you find your miracle treatment, you decide that you can't live without it... Ever!
Everything worked out though, because the next visit the doctor gave me a bazillion more little sample sizes, and I still have most of them left to use! They last forever!

Now my skin is basically clear! The only blemishes on my face are the scars left over from years of terrible acne... *Sad face*. 

That's another battle for another time... So lets see the before and afters, shall we?

Before... My face was like this from all views.. Yuck!

Other side!

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