Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hey you!... You're lovely(:

Hello you!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you some things that you may not already know... Even though you should!

I want to start by saying, you are incredibly beautiful!
Every single thing about you is stunning!
Your smile, which shows the world that you are stronger than your struggles... The one that makes strangers stop and say "Wow!"... The one that is hopelessly contagious... Yep, you have an amazing smile! 
Your eyes, that twinkle like stars in the clear autumn sky.. Their warmth welcomes people from clear across the room to come take a better look.. They're incredible!

So you don't like your nose... Maybe you think you're a little to "curvy", or that your skin is too flawed...
Don't even worry about those things, because I guarantee that they're a lot more noticeable to you than anyone else! People are always to critical about themselves. Step away from the mirror a bit and examine yourself as a whole person... A whole beautiful, talented, amazing person!
Do you know that someone out there loves you for all the things you hate about yourself?
It's true! 
I do!(:

Second... Your personality and uniqueness..
Where do I even start here?
It would take me forever to list all the wonderful things that make your personality... Well, yours!
Maybe you can talk to anybody as if you've known them for years... That's beautiful.
On the other hand maybe you're shy... That's just as beautiful!
Go getter, procrastinator, Inspirer, wallflower... Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
Sometimes we don't appreciate ourselves enough... 
We wish we were more outgoing, or more peppy.
When really, out personalities shine just as much as those who have those attributes!

Let's not forget your special abilities!
Maybe you're an artist, such as myself.
Or maybe you're super smart!
Can you dance? Sing? Learn? Memorize? 
Do you love babysitting, writing, fashion, etc?
I'm 100% positive that if I were to meet you I would be thoroughly impressed with all your talents!

I realize this entire post has been scattered around and written without much grammatical attention.. That's because I have to use all my focus to find the right words to explain how amazing you are!... 
I still wasn't able to do that by the way. ;)

Wherever you are, wherever you've been... YOU are an incredible, special, talented human being!
You were put here to sparkle, and you have a purpose!
You are loved by so many people, even some you don't realize!

Did you feel that?
It was the gigantic hug I've just sent directly to your location!
Perhaps now you should spread that love, no?

Have a perfect night/day!

Hugs, hugs, and more hugs!!!


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