Saturday, January 5, 2013

All I need is you, so take all of me...

Lord, I come to you tonight in total awe of your grace and power..

I have done nothing, nor could I ever do anything, to deserve the blessings which you unceasingly pour upon me.

You've changed my life for the better... You've broken my chains and given me the strength to spread my wings and fly to places I never knew existed... Why?

Tonight I felt your presence as a hundred people lifted their hands and voices in continuous praise.
"Here I am Lord, consume me." they cried... "Take all of me."
I pray that I will never forget that sound, because I've never heard one so beautiful.

Tears and knees hit the floor as we prayed.. All asking the general question, "Lord, empty me of myself so that I can be filled with you."

How is it that you are able to make a room filled with strangers, feel like a room filled with family? Perhaps it's because we all share the same heavenly father..

You turned what could have been an ordinary day into one of revival, and of profound beauty and passion...

I do not possess the ability to be nearly as thankful as I should be... I honestly don't think anybody does.

There's not a language in existence equipped with the proper words to describe your greatness. 

 I ask that you will help me keep this fire inside of my heart kindled until the day that I see your face.

Lord, you are my greatest desire.. Without you I am nothing, and to be with you means everything. 
Though I may stumble daily, all I truly want is to please you.

Please take all the selfishness, ungratefulness, and imperfection from my heart, and replace it... Replace it with you, and all that you are.

All I need is you, Lord... So take all of me.


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