Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My New Years Wish For You...

Hello, you!

As you've probably noticed, it is now 2013... We're now back to the very first page of the calender.

You can be sure that the year will be filled with many ups and downs, but what fun is a roller coaster if it's always on the same level?... What matters is that you're moving FORWARD!
My wish for you this year, is that you spend it being the best YOU you can possibly be...
I wish that you'll always see the positive, and not the negative, and that you will always have a smile on your face!
I hope that you discover a whole new world full of marvelous things, and that you take every opportunity to explore it!

Know that the most beautiful thing that you can do is be yourself, and be proud.. Not just of yourself, but of everybody around you who has done something to be the least bit proud of!
Reach out a hand to someone you don't usually associate with.. You never know what that person could be going through that your beautiful smile could help them survive and thrive!
 Treat everybody you meet with love, and much respect... Share with them some of the happiness and inspiration that you possess in your heart!

May all your days be filled with sunshine, and when the clouds come, may you have the courage to dance in the rain!

And Happy New Year! 



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